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First Spa Visit

Tips for Your First Spa Visit

  • Go for at least 4 nights if you want a true perspective.
  • Arrive at a reasonable hour even if you need to leave work early.
  • Meet with spa coordinators immediately...
  • Choose a spa that fits your needs; overseas spas usually emphasize beauty rather than exercise, nutrition etc.
  • Some spas are really resorts with a few spa facilities.
  • A good gauge of a spa is the number of professionals on staff.
  • Does the manicurist also do facials; if so, this is not a true spa.
  • Read health and fitness magazines for a few months in advance and formulate questions; this is your chance to ask specialists everything: don't forget to have questions for the cook, hairdresser, class instructors, hikers, nurse etc.
  • Have a goal; this helps you to schedule properly and make priorities. i.e.: weight loss. stress reduction, learning about new ideas, menopause considerations etc.
  • List all the machines from your hometown gym; you can get a trainer to teach you how to use them more effectively.
  • Figure out how fast you walk so that when you join a morning walk you know your level. Instructors will say " this is the 12 minute mile group" etc.
  • Before you pack, find out about laundry facilities so you don't over pack. If facilities are not available, buy 9 Hanes Beefy T Shirts to wear on top--they will be cheaper to throw out than most spa laundry services.
  • Leggings and spandex shorts are easy to pack and to wash in your room.
  • Do carry some exercise clothes on the plane and wear your sneakers.
  • If luggage is delayed, you will find the spa store very pricey!
  • Packing in two small bags increases the chances that one will arrive with you.
  • Do not overindulge immediately on fresh salad, fruits or high fiber foods. Ask about ingredients, ie. some chocolate sauces contain prune nectar. You will pay the price!
  • Spread your appointments so that your body has a rest from exercise; i.e.. book a massage and longer services on the second and fourth days as you will probably be too tired to continue exercising.
  • Use your services for information you cannot get from your hometown: ie don't waste time on a manicure if the spa offers for the same price a physical trainer or hydrotherapy.
  • Ask a physical trainer for a short stretch routine to do in your room before you jump into the early morning walk, especially if you are not in great shape.
  • Bring minimum make-up and no jewelry; most spas are very casual and women wind down quickly. Spas are not a fashion show.
  • Do bring something from your college or your children's' school especially if you are going alone. Great way to identify new friends from the same background.
  • Try one new class or lecture each day even if you walk out before the end. These include meditation, tai chi, alternative health proposals. Try two new services; even picking what you consider "off the wall". Professional spas do not offer services which have no benefit.
  • Remember you will drink lots of water; get rid of your bathroom and locker room qualms. Some of those spandex girls used to look like you so don't be embarrassed. In the same vein, never look at the other people in a class; you are there for yourself not to compete with anyone else.
  • Keep an open mind and you will learn not just from the professionals but from the other guests.

Article courtesy of Women's Travel Club

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