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Tips For The Perfect Honeymoon


Tips for the Perfect Honeymoon
By Geri Bain

1. Use a travel agent. Agents rarely charge for their services, and, thanks to their expertise and computerized systems, good travel agents almost always save their clients money as well as time.

2. Begin planning early. The sooner the better. That way, youíll have plenty of time to research your trip itís actually part of the fun! and youíll be able to get exactly what you want. (Some places are reserved as much as a year in advance for popular dates.)

3. Share the planning. After all, this honeymoon is for both of you. If you make all the decisions, youíll feel guilty if things donít go perfectly. Conversely, if you donít take part in planning, you may end up dissatisfied.

4. Set a tentative budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities so you can agree before you go about what youíll splurge on and where youíll skimp. This way, youíll avoid money hassles en route. Suggestion: Splurge on your accommodations. Even if you think you wonít spend much time in your room, youíll probably be sorry if itís not special.

5. Take it easy. The first few days so you can recover from post-wedding exhaustion and focus on each other. Donít try to do too much remember, youíll have lots of time to travel together, but only one honeymoon.

6. Take advantage of free info. Call your destinationís tourist board many have toll-free telephone numbers and websites for free information on hotels, restaurants, activities and festive events. Some even provide discount-coupon books.

7. Register for your honeymoon with a travel agent or tour operator. Gifts are put toward the total cost of your trip. The average couple who uses a registry gets $500 to $1,000, which can really makes a difference.

8. Planning to take your spouseís name? Unless youíre taking a delayed honeymoon, you wonít be able to amend your passport, driverís license, etc., until after youíve returned from your honeymoon. Even though youíll be anxious to start using your married name, it can be a real nightmare if you havenít legally changed it yet. Instead, use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match your name as it appears on your official documents.

9. Pack a sense of humor. A bit of flexibility can go a long way on a honeymoon. Expect that things wonít always go as planned. Do what you can to remedy the situation, then relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Years, or even a few hours from now, youíll probably laugh.

10. Tell the world youíre honeymooners! Donít be bashful about your status youíre likely to enjoy special treatment such as complimentary champagne in-flight, or a gift basket in your room.

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