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Here's a tip that's useful even if you're not on a trip. If you need a shave desperately and shaving cream is expensive where you happen to be, the cheapest and indeed the best is available over the counter from pharmacies - aqueous cream. It comes in tubes and economy pots and (as the name implies) is excellent for moisturizing dry skin. Highly recommended.

Roll your ties backwards and very tightly round two of your fingers, starting from the narrow end and finishing with the wide. Then secure by rolling a sock over each one, separately. This method will keep the ties from getting creased, and will even remove that annoying twist.

Carry a "mugger's wallet" when travelling overseas - with a big bill in front and a half-dozen or so smaller bills behind, along with my photo ID library card, some other papers, hotel coupons, etc, for bulk. Day-to-day, this is my source for minor expenses. But in an emergency, you can surrender it easily and hope that the assailant is more interested in a quick windfall than carefully assessing the situation and evaluating whether or not you have more stashed somewhere that he'll have to go to considerable effort to get.

On a crowded city street with a large tour group, and you are busy looking at history and your wife wanders off to the nearest shop? Men, carry a large patterned umbrella (big, bright flowers work well) and have your wife carry the same. Then, if you get separated, you can both open them up and raise them above the crowd and find each other in an instant.

On the wallet security issue, make sure you always keep your wallet in a front trouser pocket (not in your inside jacket pocket or your back trouser pocket). Since the front of your thighs are very sensitive, it's difficult for the pickpocket to get it out without you knowing.

Besides the rubber band for wallets, turn your wallet ninety (90) degrees so the wallet goes across your pocket rather than up/down.

Make sure that you have a thick rubberband around your wallet. This will ensure that you will FEEL if someone is picking your pocket with the friction of the rubberband against the material of your slacks as they try to relieve you of the wallet!!

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